Creation of Nova

At the beginning of this week, we decided the concept for our First Playable, which will be ready by the end of March. The First Playable will consist of Tutorial plus Demo Level. This will give a clear idea of how the entire game will look, by showing some percentage of the actual gameplay. Right now, we’re working on Nova sprite-sheets for Walk, Run, Jump cycles. And we are simultaneously, testing those sprite-sheets in Unity, to make sure those functions work with the controllers.

We have decided to go for sprite-sheets as well as puppet animation for Nova as that will help in representing different abilities performed by Nova. The scene now parallaxes based on distance from the camera. At this point it looks hand draw and dark. You can see the obvious set pieces and layers but not in a bad way. It looks like a stage with props on it. It may become part of the aesthetic, almost like a shadow puppet show.

We are also keeping our demo videos ready along with the description of different art assets, so that it will be easier for the team to implement those features in Unity. The demo videos for now are an ongoing process and consist of short animatics less than 10 seconds. Each animatic contains one ability being used in a various style. At the moment we are focusing on the double jump ability with one full animatic displaying the use of a flying dandelion  to make such a jump. The player produces this flower mid jump and then is dragged further upward with the aid of wind acting upon the dandelion. Soon to come will be platform jumps, regrowing plants, and obstacle effects on our player.