Everything begins again, On Friday the thirteenth

Today was our first presentation in front of the artists. The people who are going to give Nova a look that you are all waiting for. We got a chance to meet a bunch of talented people from San Jose State University. Some of them are going to help us bring life to the Forest for the next 9 months. They seemed to ask really interesting questions during the presentations. We are looking forward to work with them.

So far we’ve finalised our potential art assets that we’re going to need from the artists: abilities, obstacles, and stretch goals like creature obstacles. We’re going to lock down the list soon. As far as the animation is concerned, we are keeping both options open for now: Sprite-sheets and Puppet animation. We’ll decide which one we should go for after testing. We are trying to make sure we have a strong reason to finalise one over the other. We did the same while choosing the software for the game. We went over a bunch of 2-D Game Engines, listed down our top 3 and then finalised one that is best for the game requirements. Since we are in the pre-production phase we are going over the design, making changes, and testing new ideas. And, as Mark Cerney says, it’s gonna be a chaotic process, but we’ll do it in a systematic way with Scrum-light.

We’re preparing to bring the life back in this devastated land by herding cats.