Evolution of Nova

Team Nova is back with some exciting news for Nova Fans! Nova is going through an evolution process to make her more unique. Usually evolution procedure takes years. We took some more days of this week to complete the first stage of evolution. Thanks to our perceptive team of artists, this process has been moving much quicker.

Nova’s transformation came about by tweaking different lines on Nova. As expected, the results turned out to be spectacular. Next we had Nova done in a few different pastel palettes. We might even end up using a few color variations for different levels to create a particular feel throughout the game. We’re thinking to stick with this new Nova. We’re very impressed by the artwork and unbelievable understanding of our artists. They catch Nova’s feelings as if they’ve known her for ages. And we believe they will help us emulate that understanding in players’ minds.

We’ve also implemented some new features in Nova’s gameplay. We’re planning to merge our two different regrowth codes to get the best results. Now, Nova can regrow a broken branch and walk over it to reach the other side of a tree.  But, when you proceed, there is always some hindrance to stop you from moving ahead. For Nova, it is the embers of the once living forest. As she makes her way further forward she will have to navigate around trees that still burn. These burning pieces are an invitation for Nova to join the rest of the forest. We should try our best not to fall for it.

Overall that’s the first stage of evolution. We’ll come up with more new and exciting features for our fans. Until then, keep pushing forward and try not to burn out.