Going beyond the limits

Nova has reached a point where all the features are implemented for the vertical slice. We’re slowly getting the exact feel of Nova. We’re planning to show a glimpse of the entire game in the vertical slice. We’re saving the major feel part and features for the production stage.

Now, since we’re fortunate enough to be one month ahead of schedule, we have decided to go beyond and implement stretch goals. We’re using this extra time to implement more specific features of the game.

This week we plan to have a complete demo level as well as some preliminary cut-scenes designed by our talented artists. Though short in length, each cut-scene will reveal a small section of story that we hope will draw the player deeper into the lore of our game. These cinematics are key elements of the story of the game. We’re glad that we could make these in the vertical slice. They will give the finishing touch to our already implemented gameplay.

We have also been working on the stability and feel of the overall system. Investing time into the underlying system has paid off in the implementation of level which has been taking less and less time. Also it means we can change mechanics and test new ideas quickly without having to worry about other elements in the game breaking. Having this robust system for Nova will let us design and implement levels in production quickly.

There is one more important element to the game – a spiritual guide also known as the Butterfly. We’re lucky to have our talented force of artists and sound designers who are willing to give us all the assets we need for implementing these stretch goals.

With the addition of these new features our game has gained a deep, enriching story that will provide a unique experience for our player. As our game continues to evolve we will bring you more insights on our final days of pre-production and our ever approaching Vertical Slice presentation. Until then, keep stretching your goals.