Nova’s First Playtest!!!

Great news for Nova’s fans!!! We officially have Nova’s first playtest ready!!!

It begins in the forest some time after the fire.  What’s left of the trees now stand black and broken, but despite such destruction some signs of regrowth are starting to poke through. Nova, the last of the forest sprites, has survived but not without injury. She has been left drained of her original power but still must struggle on.

In this playtest she is confined to running, jumping and climbing. Her goal is to reach a seed that will partially restore her former abilities. This is completed by exploring a small portion of the forest, finding her way over a stump blocking the path, climbing a tree, and then leaping onto a precarious branch where the seed lies. Through these tests we hope to collect useful feedback about Nova’s movement style, in game physics, and any player frustration. This playtest should take 1-2 mins on average. In the near future we will be working on new iterations of our first playtest with improved mechanics each time.

We also got to know the team of artists who are going to give our game a unique look. Each artist is currently a student in the SJSU art program. Each artist is insanely talented and we’re happy to have them on board. By some random happenstance one of the first things they learn to draw in their program is trees. Feels like a match made in heaven for us. Anyways, we are expecting their first concept art sample soon. Then from there we’ll hand off some notes and begin finalizing the art style.

We are also going to continue working on Nova’s basic movements until we are comfortable with how she feels in the given space. This will be an ongoing process as it is a collection of small things that take a platformer to the next level. Join us in the journey of making Nova distinctively adorable.