Nova’s Stressful Week

This week was pretty stressful for Nova. We’ve had a bunch of things going on parallelly. We’re planning to work extra hours on weekends. We have our tutorial design ready. We’re working on detailing the tutorial concept frame-by-frame. We have planned out a sequence in which we are going to implement the features. We started working on our first feature- Double Jump for Nova. It feels magical when Nova takes flight in the sky and back comes down to the earth. We’re working on exact feel we want in Nova’s Double Jump at the moment. Each movement of Nova defines the character, so we are paying special attention on minute details of Nova’s game physics. By the end of this week, we’re going to make a final decision on whether we should go for sprite-sheets or puppet animation to make Nova come alive.
Design for the Demo level has also begun. For now it is just a rough on paper, but as we go through several edits we will ideally be testing out a few puzzles and obstacles in the near future. In addition to the Demo level, the beginning Tutorial continues to go through changes. It is very important to us that we have a very clear direction in the game in both the stories and visuals. In this revamped Tutorial we want Nova to be literally climbing into this once familiar world she had called home. She begins at the bottom of a shallow pit, covered in ash, and unaware of what lies above her. We have designed puzzles that will eventually lead our player out of this pit where they will have the first glimpse at the destruction wrought by the fire. This way we hope to bring emotion into our game with not only the art style but also how it’s revealed to the player.