The feel of Nova

Last week we mentioned evolution procedure of Nova. Well, if our lead character is evolving, so is our forest. We’re trying different styles received from the artists to finalise the one that matches the feel of Nova.

So far, we’ve implemented and tested almost all the features for the vertical slice. The first being abilities obtained from seeds, such as double jump and plant regrowth, and obstacles, such as embers and spikes. Most of the gameplay for our first playable is in to the point where we can say 90% of the vertical slice is done. So now what comes next?

Now comes the time to complete that last 10% of the game. Giving the finishing touch to the game is as important as getting all the features in the game. Our main focus for the game is now to etch out the exact feel of Nova. Getting the right emotion out of our player is our number one priority for this week’s playtesting.

But how do we put that feel in the game? There is more than one way to do it. Applying correct animation can be one way. Doing all math to carry out the exact mechanics we need for the movement of Nova and all the other game entities, can be another. But the most important element we have is the art we’re getting from our talented artists. Together all three of these will make our game a unique experience.

That’s the emotional aspect of Nova. We’ll see how many people can relate to Nova’s feelings this week. Until then, stay true to your feelings.